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Casa del Lago, Mexico City, Mex.
Curatorship: Víctor Palacios.
Photo credit Pedro Hiriart.

Text for the exhibition-
The professional practice of this architect/visual artist has been focused on generating structures and interventions from the natural elements offered by a particular environment. Light, vegetation and the different environmental conditions that surround us are adopted as raw material. Ugarte uses the elements offered by the context in order to modify our perception, activate landscapes or emphasize a natural phenomenon, an architectonic language or a social activity.

The work was conceived after an in situ research; the artist erases, covers and empties the garden surface. The space becomes an uneven monochromatic plane, an area of contrasts and tensions between what is preserved and what changes as time goes by.

Ugarte is inviting to contemplate the effects produced through the light captured by the white of the gravel and, at the same time, promotes a space for reflection, a landscape that, when modified, allows different ways to perceive, understand and participate in a public environment.